Satoshi Dice Reviewed in 2022

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As one of the few decentralized applications (DApps) focused on online gambling, Satoshi Dice holds a distinct place among cryptocurrency bettors. With a clean user interface (UI), engaging gameplay, and provably fair operations, almost every Satoshi Dice review sings praises of the platform.

It is enough to make you stop and think: Is Satoshi Dice worth the hype?

To put it simply, the dice betting DApp does live up to the expectations that its loyal users have built around it overtime. But in order to determine whether or not it’s the right fit for you, it is important for you to learn more about the platform, its functionalities, and its overall user experience.

By learning about these factors, you can make an informed decision about giving Satoshi Dice a try on your next virtual gambling session. To help you along the way, the following review gives you a lowdown on what to expect from the platform.

Satoshi Dice Overview

Satoshi Dice is a DApp that is created on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. This sets it apart from web-based applications that are created on conventional mechanisms.

But being a DApp doesn’t mean that Satoshi Dice is only accessible from the blockchain. In fact, Satoshi Dice is completely operable from modern web browsers and mobile devices through its website.

The DApp’s UI is minimalist yet aesthetically pleasing, and its gameplay is straightforward but interesting. The platform is also transparent in its betting operations and lets you enjoy your online betting with a certain peace of mind.

Satoshi Dice is available in multiple languages, namely English, Chinese, and Korean. This adds to its global outreach and adds to the accessibility factor.

Account Registration

Satoshi Dice does not need you to register an account with the platform. Instead, it gives you a specific cryptocurrency wallet address along with a QR code upon landing on the website. You can then use this wallet address to deposit your funds and start placing bets on the platform.

This sets you free from any types of account registration processes and lets you enjoy anonymous online gambling at your own terms. This goes a long way towards enhancing your overall experience.

Game Play

Unlike many other dice betting platforms that give you various options to place your bets, Satoshi Dice keeps it nice and simple.

The cryptocurrency dice game asks you to select a number before the dice is rolled. If your chosen number turns out to be lower than the subsequent result of the dice roll, you win the game. If the number you had selected is higher than the dice figure rolled on the interface, you lose your bet. 

This makes Satoshi Dice quite a straightforward game, and adds to its overall appeal for those bettors who don’t want to get into any complex gaming mechanisms.

But despite its simplicity, the gameplay is far from boring. Satoshi Dice gives you several odds and win multipliers to choose from, so you can adjust your projected risk and winnings accordingly. The higher your chance to win, the lower your multiplier will be. This adds more excitement to the gameplay and lets you enjoy it on a consistent basis.

Payment Methods

Satoshi only supports cryptocurrency deposits. But it also exclusively accepts one cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin Cash.

This greatly limits the platform in terms of available payment methods. But it also goes in line with its overall commitment to simplicity.

To make matters a bit easier on its users, Satoshi Dice does display the betting amount in the form of Bitcoin Cash and USD. This makes sure that users can get the most out of their cryptocurrency bets and do not mistakenly gamble away any amount that they can’t afford to lose.

Author: Stephen Hill