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Just Dice

Just Dice

Just Dice is a minimalistic, simple Bitcoin dice site that is incredibly popular within the gambling space.

9.5 Total Score

Just Dice is a very well known Dice casino within the Bitcoin gambling community. A very simple and basic user interface it displays key information and statistics.

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With the invention and widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, many industries have found newfound ways to benefit from this financial phenomenon.

One such industry that has found significant benefit with the new innovation of cryptocurrencies is the online gambling industry. Using these digital assets makes it easier for interested players to enjoy the services of new and old sites alike, all without compromising their privacy or financial details.

Due to this reason, there are several sites out there which provide these services these days, and today we are going to go through one of them and share our review of Just-Dice with you.

First Impressions

As the name suggests, Just-Dice has one simple objective to cater: to offer online dice games.

And it only caters to that.

Homepage of Just Dice

To say that the site has a minimalist design would be an understatement. It is so simply designed that it might look bare to some inexperienced players who are used to colorful and modern user interfaces on other gambling sites.

However, this does not seem like a problem to Just-Dice, which seemingly believes in keeping things as simple as possible.

The most basic details, such as the statistics about chances, bets and actions, are provided in prominent fields for potential players’ reference. The site also offers additional information about all of the bets that are being placed, as well as providing details on the player’s account and their own bets.

The game is also stated to be provably fair and the site provides details on how exactly it achieves and maintains that status for placed bets.

Furthermore, there is a 1% house edge for playing games through Just-Dice, but the site makes it pretty clear with a hard to miss pop-up notification when you visit the homepage.

All in all, despite its highly simple design, the website does what it is supposed to do and provides players with simple options to lead them towards their end goal of placing bets on dice games.

If the user simply wants to enjoy dice games without the need for additional bells, whistles and frills, well Just-Dice might the be the destination to go to.

However, the site does not stop its services at that, but it also allows the visitors to actually invest in its bankroll and benefit from the potential growth in their investment.

How Does the Just-Dice Bankroll Work?

It works very simply as defined by the information available on the site; but since it is a gambling site, any amount that you invest in its bankroll is also subject to either increase or decrease, depending upon the nature of the players and their bets.

The site makes that clear, however, as it tells its potential investors to think twice about the opportunity and invest only if they are going to be as amiable with potential losses as they would be with future profits.

Customer Service

The site has direct contact details for its admins where they can be reached via emails, comments or their Bitcointalk thread.

With it, it also provides a live chat option through one of its simple menu buttons in order to facilitate the ability of players to communicate with the admins. The chat option also allows for peer to peer communication as players can talk to each other. The chat option provides for a variety of benefits, including the aspect of knowing the latest updates regarding the website.

The Just-Dice Scandal

Just-Dice also went through an unfortunate incident in 2013.

When the site used to deal in Bitcoin (BTC) and not exclusively in CLAMS, a player on the site decided to withdraw his funds, which amounted to 1,300 in Bitcoin (around $115,000 at the time of the incident).

The funds were paid out by Just-Dice, but in an unfortunate human error, the site’s founder who dealt with funds withdrawal and deposits did not remove those 1,300 Bitcoin from the site’s manual ledger.

This led to the player being paid in Bitcoin but also having the same amount available in his Just-Dice account, which allowed the player to gamble the amount repeatedly until all of it was lost to Just-Dice again.

The founder realized the mistake that had been made, but when he reached out to the player, the player informed him that his laptop had been accessed by someone else and the account was used to gamble the available bitcoin by a third party – which does not leave the player liable to pay for the utilized funds.

Thankfully, since the player had lost the funds to Just-Dice anyway, the founder removed the mention of the 1,300 BTC from the ledger, and the process was then improved over time.

However, this incident did not earn the site any negative reputation and was regarded as a simple human mistake by the Just-Dice community, who actually helped the founder fix the issue with the eventual resolution.

How Can I Start Playing? Which cryptocurrencies are Accepted?

This is where Just-Dice puts a stipulation to its offerings.

Instead of accepting Bitcoin or any other popular cryptocurrency, Just-Dice opts to accept its payments only in CLAMS.

CLAMS is a cryptocurrency that is based on Bitcoin’s codebase, but claims to have improved it further. It was launched in 2014, but is still considered as a rather obscure coin as compared to some of its later counterparts. Also, CLAMS uses a proof-of-stake consensus model rather than the older proof-of-work consensus.

With Just-Dice putting the condition of using only CLAMS to pay for the bets and for any investment opportunities, users will first need to buy the CLAMS cryptocurrency from an exchange which is trading it, and then send the required amount of CLAMS to Just-Dice.

This many be a point of friction for the users of Just-Dice as this buying of CLAMS and transfer process may actually push Just-Dice father back in the race of cryptocurrency gambling sites.

The way that other, more modern gambling sites offer popular currencies ranging from Bitcoin to Ethereum to even their own evolving cryptocurrencies, such as FunFair, makes this obscure offering from Just-Dice something that might put people off about using the site’s services at all.

However, the argument could be made that if people are considering buying custom coins from these new gambling sites, then they could just as easily do that for Just-Dice as well.

That being said, CLAMS are currently being traded on prominent exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex, which makes them more accessible to acquire than other new tokens.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal system works as simply as the site’s interface.

The site has a minimum deposit threshold of at least 0.001 CLAMs. For withdrawals, even though the site allows you to withdraw as much of your deposited CLAMS as you like, due to its security measures, you sometimes have to follow up with manual emails to the admins in order to get your withdrawals processed.

The site states that this is done to ensure optimal security in order to keep its users’ funds safe.

User Experience, Is It Fun?

That highly depends on your definition of “fun”.

If you are looking for an experience that involves heavy graphics and realistic representation of a how a dice rolls, then this site is not for you, and you would clearly have your pitchforks out against us if we recommended you to go ahead with it anyway.

On the other hand, if simple pleasures are what you seek, then seeing your dice rolled digitally and have the outcome appear, then this just might  be a pleasant experience for you.

An example here could be provided of modern console games.

You can enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons on a heavy graphic interface where you are the character you build and have it explore digital environments, or you can enjoy playing it the old fashioned way of using paper sheets and cards with no console to depend on. At the end, it is subjective which method provides play with the most enjoyable experience.

This translates to the same experience and your choice of whether to go with the whole shebang of an online casino setting or the simple fact of “knowing” that you are playing the game and deriving the feeling of betting for potential profits.


9.5 Total Score

Just Dice is a very well known Dice casino within the Bitcoin gambling community. A very simple and basic user interface it displays key information and statistics.

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